My miu miu

miu miu shoes
gina tricot socks
After loosing sleep at night trying to decide what pair of shoes from the miu miu spring collection would make it in to my closet, I think I finally found peace. I was aiming for the ankle boot version but as it sadly never made it in to production, I made my first rational shoe decision. Instead of the satin printed ones I went for black and worn with socks like this I would say: miu miu effect achieved.

Now you can buy the socks in my store!
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Sweet Tooth

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Blouse: Vintage Saks 5th, Shorts: Vintage Versace, Shoes: Stefane Kelian

So I'm pretty much a Red Bean Popsicle junkie. After my recent travels through South-East Asia, I can eat anything stuffed with red bean. Now that I'm back home, I have to resort to Chinatown and the cute ladies in the bakery downtown who can memorize your order way before packing it, even if you say "minus 3 of those buns, plus 4 of those...scratch that, 2 of THOSE." I don't know how they do it! But this sweet treat totally beats out the "bear claws" over at the bakery. It's so refreshing especially during these past few days which have been incredibly warm. Due to the weather, I've been living in these denim shorts nearly everyday. Gross, I know. These just happen to be lying by my bed so instantly I put them on every morning. I recently bought a few new vintage button-ups (I know, I need to stop collecting), and this is one of them! Anyways, I hear there is some rain coming, though it doesn't look it...hmm, maybe it's time to wash the shorts anyways!
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Please stand behind the yellow line

topshop boutique top
ashish for topshop shorts
oasis jacket
topshop bumbag
zara boots

Took the train out from the city last weekend and spent a few amazing hours laying in the grass trying to concentrate on drawing instead of falling asleep..  sorry for the not-so interesting ensemble, I just wanted to wear my new bumbag.. which turned out to be very helpful in the case of these ashish for topshop shorts that are quite cool but oh so overly oversized from every angle.
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finding a balance


I know many people are not very open about weight on personal fashion blogs but it's a topic that is relevant to my life at the moment and I'm sure many of you can relate as well. I get quite a few comments and emails asking how I am able to eat so much and still stay skinny; I've been to the gym a grand total of two times in my life and always hated the word "diet". Maybe I was flattering myself by claiming that I don't do anything, but in truth, there's a lot that many of you don't see. I do wear loose dresses and tops and may pose for photos in a way that hides what's really there but I'm starting to feel the effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle inside my body.

I'm currently sitting in front of my computer eating a salad. A salad? This is coming from someone whose dad once bet her $50 that she couldn't finish a salad and made her way through one just for the money. Nevertheless, even in high school it was easy to be naturally healthy (without a need for the word "diet") when I was living at home four years ago with a mom who would cook five days a week. However, when I moved away for college, I gained a good 20 pounds over the course of six months while living in the dorms and never eating homecooked meals. My mom would also only let us drink soda on weekends but when I left, I fell into the trap of having sugary drinks all the time with my meals and reached a point where I'd have one or two cans of (regular, not diet) Coke everyday. And don't even get me started on my addictive obsession with fast food...

BF and I had a really intense conversation about how we need to change our terrible habits and have been making an effort to eat better and eat out less. I mean really, was it necessary to get brunch at Boogaloo's twice last week after going to Schmidt's right before? Of course, we're still going to treat ourselves to nice meals out once or twice a week but for now we're going to try exercising and eating at home for most of the week. We're not doing this just to lose weight, we're doing it to feel better and live healthier lifestyles. Fear not, food porn will not suffer. BF and I are already planning trips to more places that we want to try but we're spacing them out more. For now, I'm anticipating our reservation at Boulevard for BF's 25th birthday in a week and a tentative trip to Chapeau to celebrate with friends.

And you know what? This salad is actually quite delicious. Not bad at all.
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Cut me out

finnish villakivi design cut-out cardigan
cos shirt dress
shoes from italy

Really quite hard to advise you on the stuff I am wearing here.. the cut-out knit was something a very nice lady back in Finland sold to me.. bought it a few years back from an interior design exhibition.. where I did not go to buy clothes, but you know, often you find the best stuff in the most random places.. I love that it's made of felt and even if I take it with me everywhere, I hardly ever end up wearing it. I'm confused.. what is it? a knit, a jacket, or maybe a poncho? I would say just a throw-on. A throw-on that I promise I'll wear more from now on.
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Skirt and Amethyst Ring: Obey, Blouse: Vintage

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was fortunate enough to shoot the OBEY clothing Summer 2010 Collection. I had a blast working with their team, definitely some of the chillest people you'll ever meet over in the OC! There were were so many great graphic prints and hip looks on the racks I nearly fainted. And I think the popping bright colors of the shoot really pulled it all together. Recently, I've been sporting the Obey Black Mountain Skirt along with their Amethyst Ring. I'm super happy with both pieces. A little studded detail and some stone goes a long way. And who needs shoes on a day hanging out when the weather has become so beautiful?! My weekend has been super laid back so far. . . lots of reading with my legs stretched out beneath the sun. I hope everyone's weekend is just as relaxing!
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Raid my closet

Hi everyone, I have been workning on getting my blog shop up and running for a while.. So from now on you can shop 5 inch and up! I will be selling all kinds of clothes, shoes and accessories from vintage to brand new stuff.. Instructions are easy and possible questions can be left in the items comment box.. shoes & more clothes will be added tomorrow!

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schmidt's in the mission

thrifted floral dress, h&m thigh highs + tights, parka from south korean boutique

Hey look, I managed to take a photo of my outfit! I don't have anything to say about it except for 1. I have a strange soft spot for grungy 90's florals that I can't seem to shake off, 2. I can't bring myself to throw away my favorite dingy booties, and 3. I freaking lurve this parka. The obvious star of this post are the photos of food (no surprise there, huh?) since they chronicle our first trip to Schmidt's in the Mission. Don't ask me how this is only our first when BF lives only a few blocks away and we've been to Walzwerk (the owners' other restaurant) countless times. Walzwerk is on my top ten list of favorite places to eat in SF and the only reason why I have never blogged about it is because I'm too busy scarfing down my pork schnitzel to remember that I have a camera. It's that good.

hello beer

Well, in any case, here we finally are. It was Mike's birthday yesterday so we chose to come for lunch instead of dinner since we had plans for a night out at Smuggler's Cove. With my terrible tolerance for alcohol, I'm not very particular about my beer so I honestly cannot name what BF and friends had while we were here. My drink of choice is usually a diesel which is half Coke and half beer (pictured upper right) since I'm so obsessed with Cola and it's actually surprisingly good mixed with this beer.

cold cuts
duck sausage

We started off with a platter of cured meats which came with bread, two mustards, butter, onions, and pickles. Next came black beer and onion soup with a pumpernickel gruyere crouton (not pictured) and finally, Mike's grilled duck sausage with homemade sauerkraut and potato salad. I'm not going to lie, I usually abhor sauerkraut and avoid it all the time but this stuff was amazing and went really well with the sausage. I'm glad Mike went with the duck but next time I'd like to try the smoked or chicken bratwurst, among many others (there's seriously over 10+ to choose from).

veal schnitzel sandwich
hello egg

The highlight of my day: this veal schnitzel sandwich with a fried egg. The four of us had one each and unanimously agreed that they were quite spectacular. My egg spewed out just the right amount of runny goo (man, I love fried eggs) and the bread was fresh and the veal was breaded and cooked perfectly well. We forgot to order a side of spätzle but oh well, it was still a delicious experience nevertheless. We're definitely going back.

hi mikehi hammi

Added bonus: here are Mike and Chris, who have been included on the blog before. There's also a photo of Brent and me but I know that the moment I post it, he's going to demand that I take it down. I don't think we have any flattering photos together, haha. Anyway, two more things to talk about: the Siwy contest is running until next Wednesday and check out these photos from Chictopia's Shop Social! Here's what I wore that night to finally meet a bunch of my blog/twitter friends!
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Loading bay

vivienne westwood top
alexander wang bra top
cos pants
chanel tattoo
zara heels

I just remembered that I have not been wearing my chanel tattoos in a while.. and let's face it, they are not gonna stay cool forever.. so I decided to try the swallow one. It's currently my favorite of the pack and thanks to miu miu, I'm all over anything that has something to do with birds.
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ripped in all the right places

siwy hannah skinny in snowstorm via revolve clothing, acne zorah top via forward, bow ring via nasty gal

Seems like I do a lot of lounging around but this was the best I could do while my dear living room wall was occupied for most of the day. I'm still trying out these head-to-toe neutral looks and so far they're working out quite well. I think the trick is to not overdo it with too many different shades, in my own experience.

These Siwy jeans from Revolve remind me of the time when my clumsy hands tried to shred a pair of bleached denim jeans but just ended up with one massive hole at the knee. Some of us just aren't meant to attempt DIYs, no matter how simple they seem. When I saw these I was a bit hesitant about pulling off ripped denim but was pleasantly surprised to find out that they weren't as crazy as I thought they would be.


Now guess what, it's another denim giveaway! We’re giving away 1 pair of these jeans (Siwy Jeans Hannah Skinny in Snowstorm) to readers. To enter you must comment on this post by providing your email and pasting a link of your favorite Siwy Jeans on Revolve. Find the selection here:

Please note that by entering this competition you are agreeing to receive emails from Only one entry per email address will be accepted. Open to both domestic and international readers!

Closing date for entries is Wednesday, April 28th. Good luck everyone!
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I was pleasantly surprised to find myself featured in this weeks style hunter pages in Grazia magazine!

Also huge thank you to clog expert Lindsay for the feature and sweet words on her blog! 

+ of course a kiss to all you lovely readers...

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Enjoy the Little Things

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With the earthquakes, erupting volcano, and economic recession, I'm beginning to sense an end of the world, "2012 the movie", vibe. Just kidding. But in times like these, I look to the days where livin is easy. A comforting All-American day. . . whether it be surfing on a cloudy morning, riding your bike inside the house, sitting on the hood of your car, or just hanging with your buds. . . enjoy the little things.
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Go on.. no one is counting

jeffrey campbell clogs

Ups.. Yeah I know.. I have to calm down with buying clogs.. or maybe not.. plus I am totally allowed since I am skandinavian and they could pass as our national shoe.. Anyway here is how the story went.. I was in topshop just strolling around with Tasha, catching up on the new stuff when I remembered a rumor I heard about Jeffrey Campbell shoes being sold at topshop...(?) So I thought I'd ask around... No. No sorry we don't. I am afraid, was the answer I got about 5 times until I made it into the section that sells Office shoes... and here I got my answer. The only ones they had left were these clogs, in my size. They spoke to me and I answered. 

So to you UK people that are interested, Office will be stocking Jeffrey Campbell from now on and they will receive a new batch of these clogs in black & tan in mid May. ( ps. these run small, I had to go up a size)
I also have to share the best shoe fitting trick, that I had to use on these. Some of you may have heard of it, works best on leather/suede shoe that feels too tight and rub your feet.. 

1. wear the shoes on bare feet inside your house for a while so you know which part rubs and may cause blisters 
2. buy moleskin tape/ fabric bandaid from the pharmacy and wrap a strip around the sore spot 
3. soak your feet in water then dry them leaving the tape wet 
4. wear your shoes with the wet tape on and the tight parts will mold perfectly to your feet, without stretching the whole shoe.


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brunch at mama's

brunch at mama's

Mama's is one of those places where you question why you are choosing to wait in line for an hour instead of nursing a major hangover until you are finally sitting down, your fork hits your mouth, and utter loudly "HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOOD." You don't know brunch until you go to Mama's, seriously. Prepare for some serious food porn, I'm drooling as I post this.

brunch at mama's
brunch at mama's
brunch at mama's
brunch at mama's

So yes, the food. The three of us shared the french toast sampler platter which had three different types of toast (I ended up with the banana nut one, soooo damn good). A random guy saw our plate and told us that we had to try the homemade jam with it so I had a couple bites... is it bad that I wanted to sneak out with the jar? Curse my small clutch! The next photo is of my plate, the shrimp benedict with avocado, which was on the special menu. Lulu had intended to get the shrimp omelet but got the crab omelet instead which was just as my plate. Aimee is allergic to eggs (poor baby) so she had to skip the egg-centric breakfast menu to get a chicken sandwich which was still quite amazing. Overall, I was very satisfied with my dish and refused to get up without devouring every little morsel on my plate (evidence: this little twitpic).

brunch at mama'sbrunch at mama's
brunch at mama's

(lol @ Lulu's obsession with Tabasco) Aren't my friends beautiful? I'm a little hesitant about posting my sleep deprived mug (rough night, don't ask) after the above pics but I'll do it anyway. I am wearing my Wren corduroy jacket (which I am surprised I never managed to photograph) and T by Alex Wang striped boatneck top. There is also a silly video that goes with this but I'm afraid the low memory space on my laptop isn't letting me edit it. Oh well, my really awesome Pokemon impressions are just going to have to wait.

brunch at mama's
brunch at mama'sbrunch at mama's

Final verdict: if you ever decide to visit San Francisco (or live here!) you must, must, MUST stop by Mama's. Don't just take my word, random people who were exiting the building as we were in line reassured us that the wait would be completely worth it once we were sitting down. The service is amazing (our waiter was incredibly helpful and friendly even though the restaurant is always so busy!) and I will definitely be dragging BF up there soon so he can check it out.

brunch at mama's
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