The shield

mens all saints cardigan
topshop pants

photos by stefanie

I stumbled across this coat over at ebay fashion outlet a few weeks ago.. not sure if it was the fear of the cold weather I was about to travel back to that week, or because it was a ebay find, that made me click it home asap..

the fact that it was an ebay listing, my senses sent signals to my brain to automatically click on the 'buy it now' button, but my point here is that the glory of the outlet is that they have large stocks on most of the items.

A little bit of promotion is hopefully allowed, as I happen to be involved with the new launch of ebay fashion outlet! Remember this behind the scenes post? I actually saw the glossy printed look-book just a few days ago and dare I say that I am even on the cover? crazy cool, more on that later!

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No tricks just treats + a giveaway

photos by stefanie

Hello there. Hope you had a nice halloween weekend!

as a little treat I decided to team up with online store bona drag, that I already introduced to you last week, with a extra special lingerie giveaway..

underneath the shakuhachi dress I'm hay barn picnicking in, I'm wearing a beautiful lace one piece by lonely.. bona drag want to know if anyone of you would like to win the same one in white, size S (details here)

ended, thank you for taking part!

Good luck!

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Happy Halloween: A Volcomunity Short Film

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from us here at Volcom! Just last week we shot this fun short film on the roof of my building here in New York. With a crazy tribal inspired mask, I got to bust some moves! TRICK OR TREAT! Watch the video:

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What Started as Picking Flowers

(Free People blouse, Koshka cords, Dolce Vita boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Accessorize ring)

I love days that are completely spontaneous, and whenever I'm with Claire, they always are! Walking around our neighborhood in the village, we stopped to act like complete dorks and sniff the flowers and admire the pumpkins, before ending up at the local park...only to find a BREADED figure. Sooo yes, we asked a random dude to take our photo. Turns out he was a super sweet road biker from California! Eventually we befriended three really awesome road bikers (we're talking bicycles not motorcycles haha). Being the overly friendly chicks that we are, we brought them to our favorite Israeli cafe before making our way to Williamsburg. There we played guitar and sang our own versions of everything from the Beatles to the Red Hot Chili Peppers! THINGS GET FUNNIER. To ease our hunger pains, we opted for mini cheeseburgers at (off all places) WHITE CASTLE, which was the only place open at 2 in the morning. All I can say is, it was a totally random, fun night meeting new people, making music, and eating at the most legendary fast food restaurant on the planet. I swear this kind of stuff only happens in New York! Oh yeah, I wore a really awesome Free People blouse and boyfriend cords. These pieces always bring me back memories of that evening!

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 bec & bridge dress via christeric c
greenbelt countryear wax coat
topshop shoes

photos by stefanie

Last weekend, during my quick trip back home I could not pass on the opportunity to take some photos in the perfect fall weather! I wore a gorgeous dress from my friends new online store Christing c. that stocks some of my favorite brands, be sure to check it out..

I picked up the coat last weekend when I visited helsinki horse show, it's one of those traditional english wax coats that I will attempt to make suitable for the city. My mom thinks it's funny and I agree, we have been wearing these in the stable since I was a kid. But you know, horse coat spray for my hair and a traditional wax coat to keep my dry, you got to work with what you have.

I also got myself a cute dalmatian because the print is so hot right now!
joking of course it's my sisters overly dramatic dog who just loves the attention.

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This is a public, birthday wish list for family and friends

Just a little innocent wish list for my birthday that is coming up (again) on saturday. So family and friends, if you are thinking about not really getting me anything because ''I live abroad'' or because you assume I ''already have everything'' think again, I am clearly lacking some of the following items...

1. Acne ombre jacket, simply gorgeous, no explanation needed
2. Kurt geiger heels, like jewellery for your feet, just landed on their website..
3. Ipad, I just really want one
4. Celine large boston tote, what a dream
5. Lumi bag, Finnish design and goes with everything
6. A Canon G12, although I really need everything on this list, this one is probably the reasonable one
7. Fashionology ring, beautiful accessory that would be perfect with black
8. Any book on fossils, totally intriguing
9. Alexander wang heels - simplified joy as the 'cape' can also be taken off
10. Sabre sunglasses - been on my wish list since summer, now that the season is over, it might be time
11. Karen millen satchel - just perfect to fit my camera
12. Simone rocha heels - a work of art, a solution to wearing flats without them actually being flats
13. Mawi bracelet - spikes and jems? yes please
14. Acne brogues - growing on me... also love them in black
15. Aldo heels - how great is the low cut?
16. Margiela rings - beautiful idea, even more beautiful in that bronze colour

ps. for the ones this is aimed at, you should take me bloody seriously! for the ones that it's not, totally do not.

pps. for the men in my life, I made it in to a sudoku so you could enjoy it just a tinsy bit more <3

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still warm

White Crow lace dress, Gap denim jacket, Karen Walker sunglasses, Fjallraven backpack, Rachel Comey boots

Having internet problems at home so I'm borrowing my friend's but her computer keeps freezing every few seconds... I guess that means I should probably keep this short. Wore this out the other day while it was still warm. Seriously, Fall, where did you go?!?


Please don't forget to vote!

"California Dreamin' - The Mamas and the Papas
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Doing the Disco

(Disco Pony top (made by Zoey of Make Shift Model), Alexander Wang trousers, Walter shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag)

Right now, I'm obsessed with anything that sparkles. So it's a pretty amazing thing that one of my closest friends from Spain, Zoey Bittleston of the blog Make Shift Model, designs the chicest sequin pieces you'll ever see, and all under the awesome label DISCO PONY. She recently made this custom-made blouse for me (a cropped top version of the "Natalie" dress!) and shipped it to my NYC address in adorable packaging along with a sweet note made out to "Natalie Balls Suarez." I cannot get enough of this girl, she makes me laugh like CRAAAZZY. Anyways, I sported this gorgeous statement piece out for a night of events with two of my favorite girls: Claire and Christina. It was one of the craziest nights ever. Somehow 3 really amazing events for brands we all adore were going on all in the SAME night, and so we actually went a little nuts and stopped by all 3. The close proximity of each also helped get the job done! We started off with a yummy Swiss dinner with Silvio Liu, hopped on over to the Ray-Ban event (held at a synagogue, how awesome is that?) before dancing the night away at the Paper mag party (where I stole those awesome party pics). Yes, us girls can be a little on the wild side when we want to be. Luckily, I had on my Disco madness, which was a huge hit. Speaking of which, if you want a beautiful custom-made Disco Pony piece for yourself, make your orders now! You won't regret it! xx

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random outfit
Equipment silk shirt, A.P.C. sweatshirt, Theory shorts, One Language bag, glasses c/o Bonlook, Bass loafers

I haven't been able to take outfit photos like I've wanted to for a number of reasons so I figured I'd share a couple of my favorite recent Instagram photos. I've been using Instagram for a while (I'm ornithes on there if you want to add me) but lately it's been replacing my SLR since it's so much faster at capturing images in the moment. Obviously the quality isn't superb but I guess that's what I like about it the most: I love playing around with filters to get that grainy vintage feel instantly in your hand as opposed to waiting for a roll of film to develop. I haven't shot film in a while (became too costly after a while, same goes for polaroids) and of course nothing comes close to emulating that experience of being surprised with developed film or instant polaroids but these photos are still fun, no? This, however, is a different type of new experience which Instagram has really hit on the mark and I'm enjoying every bit of it on a daily basis. I remember taking on those "one photo a day for a year" challenges and failing but I've probably already done that without realizing it through Instagram...

top of the hill
acre/sf party

I went to the Acre/SF x Refinery 29 party last week to support Jenny and Marcus and made the naive mistake of walking up to North Beach from downtown SF. Killer view but jeez, I could barely catch my breath by the time I made it into the store. I even had to take my glasses off for 5 minutes when they kept fogging up because of my body heat! The party was great though, I wish I went to these events more often. It was fun seeing a bunch of familiar faces too.

sunflowers in the ran
bonlook glasses

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without a comment about the weather. Yesterday I refused to step outside because it was so hot. It's the end of October, come on! I've been through five SF Indian summers so far and this one has been the worst. Of course it's nice to have warmer weather but it's hard to get into the Halloween/autumn spirit when you're sweating in shorts. A couple weeks ago it finally felt like fall (even with an abundance of wet sunflowers) but my new Loeffler Randall rain boots didn't arrive until the day after the rain had subsided! I have been, however, wearing my Bonlook glasses almost every day except it was probably a bad idea to wear them in the rain since I couldn't see a thing. I've been wearing contacts almost exclusively for the past five years so it's been a refreshing change to wear glasses most of the time and not worry if a contact is dry or torn.

brunch burger at beast and the hare
umami burger
super duper burger
sliders from Jasper's

I've also been on a huge burger kick lately. I'm posting these from latest to earliest. Yesterday I finally tried the brunch at Beast and the Hare (which is actually right below Brent's apartment except we've only been to dinner there once, huh), skipped the breakfast fare and went straight for the burger which had, get this: bacon, caramelized onions, AND a fried egg. Last week I went with a group of friends to the new Umami Burger joint that just opened in SF. None of them had ever been to Umami in LA and were all pretty impressed while for me it was a nice familiar taste of home. It was also the third burger that I'd eaten in a week (Super Duper was the second and a burger from Chez Maman was the first) so I was burger-ed out for a while. Next burger pictured came from Super Duper where I made the mistake of ordering the double burger thinking it would be like In-N-Out but quickly regretted it when I started feeling full and sick halfway through. Finally, Brent and I also really enjoyed the sliders at Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen, I think we went there before we saw Drive? Anyway, from what I remember the cute lil burgers came on a sesame pretzel bun and had blue cheese, totally worth it if you're in the area. I probably shouldn't admit this but I actually omitted two other burger photos (Red Robin lol and Chez Maman) because that would be a bit... much...

ferry building
blue bottle

Okay, back to the weather. The warm weather hasn't been that bad. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to venture out to the Ferry Building with friends when the weather is nice. Most of the time I'm there I usually go alone but with friends it's easier to lose track of time drinking happy hour margaritas by the water and picking up Blue Bottle iced coffees. We have to enjoy it while it lasts, I guess, because we won't be able to stay out like this at 5pm again in less than a month... summer's really over, isn't it?

downtown sf

See the rest of my Instagram photos here. Also, please keep voting!
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