6 inch monsters

Ahh my jeffrey campbell lanas arrived... I've taken them out for a test drive and now I am planning to wear them everywhere so the leather get's that cool worn look... they should be fine, I hear the can take a beating or two..

we arrived to stockholm this morning, the bf and I are driving down to london... we have about 2000 k to go and plans to briefly stop by copenhagen, amsterdam and antwerp! but before it all I want to buy peppermint candy at gränna, yeah!

laters x
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Weekend Activity: Rolling in the Grass

Forgot to mention: I can fly too.

(H&M tee, Raven jeans, Cole Haan sandals, Free People sunglasses, Vintage hat)

It's Saturday woohoooo! What does that mean? Throw on a hat, some shades, and just roll around in the grass! hehe! Oh, and jump off a few rocks and do some cartwheels. Life's so much better this way. But most importantly, this weekend is going to be one big BLOGGER MEET UP! I'm super excited. You know what that means, photoshoot photoshoot photoshoot, 10 cameras on you at once, too many hot people looking hot, and just pure GENIUS. It's always good fun. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Free People: NEWS!

I am loving the new lookbook from Free People. Craving those ethnic prints and piles and piles of jewelry. And talk about some killer poses! As you know, I've been a Free People fan ever since it started. I drew inspiration from their catalogs throughout my teen years, never expecting that I'd land the cover of the Free People October '10 catalog, shot by my wonderful sister, Dylana Suarez (DREAM COME TRUE!!) I thank Free People for being one of the first brands to recognize me as a model and as a blogger.

Now, I'm so excited to announce that my amazing big sis, Dylana of the blog Color Me Nana, is going to be working as a stylist at Free People in Philadelphia!

I am so so proud of my big sis for landing this dream job at one of my absolute favorite brands. She is so perfect for Free People it's crazy! I'm going to miss her IMMENSELY!! She was the one who inspired me to create a blog in the first place and has helped me get to where I am today. I don't know what I'd do without her! Dy has been with me through the ups and downs all while giving me so much support and understanding. I'm going to miss seeing her everyday, but I know it's only going to bring us closer. Now you get the Suarez sister blogs from both an East and West Coast perspective! She's the best and I can't wait to see what she brings to Free People. I know it will be totally inspiring :)

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Pure Serenity

(Hallelu crop top, Volcom maxi skirt, Free People jewelry/Brooklyn Threads bracelets, MANGO bag, H&M x Hasbeens sandals)

With all the crazy things happening in my life, I always take an hour nearly everyday to hike or take a walk around my neighborhood just to clear my head. This is one of my favorite places to walk up to. Dirt sidewalks, cracked pavement, oak trees, and lots of mountain. This time I went up with what I wore that day to take some beautiful photos. It was late evening and the light haze created a perfect glow for photos. I went with a beautiful flowing skirt by Volcom paired with a little lace top. For spring and summer, I always end up taking out all my bracelets and layering them on one wrist. I'm excited for more summery days where I can just throw on loose, bohemian pieces and feel totally at ease.

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Shopping in Essaouira

Finally some pics from the old town in essaouira, which was honestly hands down one of the best shopping experiences I've ever come across. It was amazing - every little shop was filled with treasure-like pieces.. packed with inspiring prints and designs. Shoes, bags, jewellery - all hand made, all so insanely gorgeous I ended up going back three times. Still stuck with a feeling I left half of it undiscovered... A few very good days

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MTV/justlegs reminder

Last chance to take part in the 'MTV just legs' campaign! pics need to be up before may 1st for a chance to win a 1000 € shopping day and to become the new face of gillette..

upload outfit photos and vote for your favorites HERE
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MANGO Video: Que Me Pongo MANGO!

Beautiful illustration of Jules and I by the amazing Hunter and Gatti production team in Spain!

I am in Episode 7 of the What Should I Wear by MANGO campaign videos.

I am excited to announce that my video for the What Should I Wear by MANGO campaign is finally out! Here I am in Episode 7 of the web series (continuation from the previous stories with a special feature on fashion bloggers)! We shot in Los Angeles in early January at the Nick Metropolis on La Brea. Also featured is my really great friend and fellow fashion blogger, Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules. Watch our interviews as well as my singing performance, all done in gorgeous MANGO outfits from the new spring collection! The Hunter and Gatti production team from Spain made the video so special and I am incredibly happy to be a part of the MANGO brand!

Watch my singing performance as well as interview throughout this video. It is a continuation of the story from the previous episodes. My singing performance begins at 7:10 with interviews at 1:49. ENJOY!

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MANGO: Vote for ME!

The final round of the MANGO Loves Fashion Bloggers project is here! See my MANGO experience all the way from Barcelona to LA in my Mango video and VOTE for me as the next MANGO "It Girl"

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La medina


zara top and pants
aldo shoes
pamela love & fashionology rings
moroccan bag & jewellery
We made it home to finland yesterday afternoon, I spent the last day picking up some souveniers and last minute buys, feels good to be home for a while. I usually love a good price negotiation, but the hustle and constant haggling over every little buy, quickly gets a bit exhausting. I've bought enough stuff in my life to not be fooled by tourist prices or loud sales men, but ahh the glory of next time walking in to zara and quietly looking at the price tag and in piece deciding if I want to buy it or not.

wearing white on white again I know, but that just seems to be what I am in to now.. plus I'm thinking the jewellery overdose digs it. I still have a few morocco posts lined up before we go back to city life..

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