loungin' and wayfarin'

ray-ban wayfarers

While I was away, my roommate informed me that Lucky Magazine had sent me a package and I ended coming home to these babies! They're slightly smaller than the regular wayfarers which I actually prefer since I have my other oversized vintage shades to hide behind when necessary. Lately I've been living in these and pulling my hair back into no-fuss low buns. I'm bracing myself for 9:30am classes by doing what I do best: nothing. Switching my schedule around has been giving me a terrible headache for the past week or so but I guess I just can't get around having super packed Tuesdays and Thursdays. At least I get to rest with just one class every other day? I guess. In any case, this won't affect the blog in a negative way. If anything, once I'm back on a more regular daily routine there will probably be more posts come Wednesday. Good bye summer, it was nice knowing you.
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