stine goya knit via urban outfitters
gina trigot jeans
stingray bag from thailand
old random gloves

photos by tasha

I'm back, it's been a while! I finally managed to hand in my project and the feeling of relief and freedom is hitting me right about now... I should probably be kicking back with a puzzle or something as mind-numbing to tone down the stress levels, but instead I just landed in Turkey! I was planning somewhat of a holiday to company my boyfriend who is playing a golf tournament, but I managed to book a lookbook shoot and a big feature post for the week of my stay, to not give myself too much free time. But so many posts to catch up on to apologize for my absence one outfit at the time...

A few weeks ago I wore one of my amazing finds from Thailand, a stingray bag! gives a whole new dimension to this 'under the sea' trend designer have been pushing, right?

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