We are nominated!

I received great news during the week that 5 inch and up has been nominated for a Style Blogger award by Company magazine! I have to admit I am a bit excited because during my two years of blogging I've never been nominated for anything blog-related. Not only am I shortlisted for the 'Best What I'm Wearing Today Blog' but for the 'Overall Best Blog' as well!

The news about the nomination came around the same time as I heard about Company magazines re-launch. The clutch sized cutie includes a fantastic selection of the best 'what-to-wear-now' pieces and it was quite fun seeing many familiar blogger faces throughout the pages. A special shout-out for reader Katie, featured in the horoscopes, who said she turns to 5 inch and up for style advice!

So what do you think, should we try to challenge all those big blogs I'm up against? I guess this is the part where I humbly ask you to vote for 5 inch and up, if you think I deserve your votes. Only takes a minute and you can participate in winning £250 New Look vouchers by adding your email in the end.

voting time is until 11th of Feb, followed by a awards ceremony in March, whereafter the winners will be featured in the April issue of Company magazine.

Thank you all xxx
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